An Imperfect Circle: Teaser 1

A small teaser from ‘An Imperfect Circle’. It’s a glimpse of the first time our Jamie-Lea met Elise. Please note this is unedited and may be subject to change in the final draft.

“Your little sister seems to be a bit scared of me,” I grin at the little girl and wink at her.
“Really?” Karl chuckles, squatting down to meet her eyes as we come to a stop. “Are you scared of Elise, Jamie-Lea?”
The little girl sticks her chin out stubbornly and shakes her head in a firm gesture.
“No?” Karl chuckles. “Want to know a secret?” He asks her conspiratorially.
Jamie-Lea nods and shuffles closer to Karl, releasing Craig’s hand and leaning in so that Karl can whisper in her ear.
“She terrifies me,” he stage whispers.

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