Blurb for ‘A Natural Act’

Here is the blurb for ‘A Natural Act‘:

“The trick to coping with the pain is to really think about what’s happening and try to understand. I think about why
this is happening to me, why everything went so wrong.

Why my fiancé wants to hurt me.”

When Isabella West finds herself in hospital once more, she has given up on life. She is bruised, broken, and beaten. Far from the ambitious young law student she once was. Craig Carter, foundation doctor and resident bad boy, sees the mess of bandages that hide a beautiful woman and his morals won’t let him stay away.

Intent on helping her escape her abusive partner, Craig does all he can to help her get back on her feet but that’s where the help stops. He can offer her friendship and nothing more. He’s barely balancing his medical career with his family life and, with MMA-titles to uphold, the last thing he needs is an extra complication.

A complication is exactly what Isabella is. As the first woman to see behind his layers, Craig enjoys her company but she’s recovering from years of abuse and not ready for a new relationship. Craig isn’t looking for one so that suits him just fine. For now.

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