An Open Lock: Teaser

Here’s a tiny teaser as promised on Facebook. This one is rated 18+ as it is a little raunchy. This is quite telling of things to come in Ian’s book.

“I know you don’t like the gag, Olivia,” he switches his tone slightly, slowing the pace of his fingers. “In time, you’ll learn to be silent when instructed.”
I glare at him with all the venom I can muster. If looks could kill, he’d be dead at my feet but what good would that do? I’d be naked, bound, gagged and on the verge of climax with no release.
“I know, Olivia,” he acknowledges with a smirk. “I know you want to come. I know you hate this whilst your body loves it. I know I’m going to make you beg me. I’m going to make you crave me. And you’re going to love every minute of it.”

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One thought on “An Open Lock: Teaser

  1. ann says:

    Cannot wait for the book to be released please please hurry up so that the waiting can be over.

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