Why I love My Characters

It’s been far too long since I posted on here. I know the website needs a little updating, but at the moment ‘A Broken Lock’ is my priority.

If you read my recent  Facebook post, you’ll know that RLM and I have a lot going on at the minute. This is a particularly challenging time for us. I’ll be honest and admit that the delay in this book was because I just wasn’t coping very well, and my head was not in a good place to write.

So, what changed?

I wrote. It sounds so strange, but writing was the cure to not writing. I was reunited with my boys. My Carters. They feel so real to me that I feel a little schizophrenic admitting this.

Sometimes, I start a chapter because there is one small event, or one sentence which needs to be there for the plot to make sense. I have no idea how the chapter will go, or what the characters will do. It feels as though a movie is playing out in front of me as I write, and I’m just documenting it on paper.

I love the stupid things the twins do and say. I love the way Karl becomes a different person when he interacts with Elise. I love Craig’s silent but loving persona. I love that Jake is constantly getting in his own way trying to prove that he matches up. I love that E doesn’t take shit from anybody but dishes a fair amount out.

Growing up, I always wanted big brothers. No offence to my little brother. He tried, even growing to a shocking 6 feet, but he’s a pacifist vegetarian. Not exactly Carter material.

My guys almost feel like family, except that I have to write scenes where they do rude things (sorry mum!). It’s weird I know, but the Carters like you all to know just how talented they are in that department. Who doesn’t like a bit of that in a romance?

The more books I publish, the harder it is to write dedications. I would like to dedicate one of my books to my characters, but seeing as they are of my creation, that feels a little egotistical so this post will have to do.

Thank you Carter males (and female) for helping keep me sane by making me a little insane.







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