Q&A Transcript

Martha19:59PM Hi everyone! 🙂
Hi Martha 🙂
Martha20:01PM Hi Linda!
Martha20:01PMHi Claire & Linda W !Thanks for coming guys 🙂
Martha20:02 PMWe have a lot of Lindas! 🙂
Welcome guys – thanks for coming. Tonight you have the opportunity to ask any all questions for myself or the Carters.

Lou20:02 PMHi
linda20:02 PMhaha, I’ve figured out if I leave I can’t come
Martha20:03 PMHow are you Lou? 🙂
linda20:03 PMBack
Lou20:03 PMI’m good thanks
Martha has a list of questions that have already been emailed in to us which she will be posting as well 🙂 The transcript will be posted on RJsavble.com if you miss anything and for those who can’t attend.
Martha20:03 PMIt seems to be an odd site lol, I had some troubles getting in at first!
ehem… RJSable.com – you’d think I could spell my own name.
I blame the PA.
Martha20:03 PMThat’s the russian version…RJSavble 😛
linda20:03 PMLol
I’m expanding into new languages.
Martha20:04 PMI’m gonna kick off with an easy one for you RJ…
Martha20:04 PMAn obvious one!
Fire away!
Martha20:04 PMOr perhaps not – If you could meet any one character , who would it be? and why?
Argh… That’s so not obvious.
linda20:05 PMCome on… That’s easy!!!
It would have to be Craig, sorry!
Who would you have picked Linda?
linda20:05 PMBooo
linda20:05 PMMatt
So you could beat the crap out of him?
linda20:06 PMHe’s awesome!!!
I’ve written his first chapter. It is sooo dark.
Martha20:06 PMHaha I’d totally meet Elise 😛
linda20:06 PMI’m so excited 👏
Elise is pretty awesome 😀
Martha20:06 PMMaybe ’cause it’s the best cover heheh 😛
She is beautiful 😉
Linda20:08 PMI’ve got technical difficulties
Lou20:08 PMI got booted out
Yeah, sorry. This doesn’t seem hugely stable 😥
Martha20:08 PMWhat error are you getting? I am not a fan of this site =P
Linda20:08 PMIt’s rubbish…
ehem… apologies >P
Martha20:08 PMOh well, thank you for gritting through it :DS
Lou20:08 PMAwww I lost the whole thread lolx
Martha20:08 PMdo you have any Q’s you’d like to ask Linda? 😀
Martha20:08 PMDon’t worry Lou, we’ll post it all online after 🙂
Martha20:08 PMOr anyone else for that matter 😀
Linda20:08 PMWhen do I get my book?? 😜
Martha20:09 PMMatts? haha
Lou20:09 PMWhat inspired you to become an author
Linda20:09 PMYep
By your I assume you mean Matt’s lol
Linda20:09 PMMine…
You will have it before everyone except my Mum 😛
Lou, I have no idea. I’ve just been writing for a while and one day somebody asked me why I hadn’t uploaded it and I didn’t have a good answer!
Linda20:10 PMWhat!!! I come after your mum? 😜
haha, afraid so. Although I’m not sure I want her to read Matts book!
Martha20:10 PMMummy RJ is the boss!
Linda20:10 PMLol..
Im so glad I did publish though. I love my Carters 🙂
Martha20:11 PMHere’s one we got emailed for you RJ:
Martha20:11 PMDo you have books planned for all the brothers?
Martha20:11 PMIf not, which ones aren’t you doing and why?
Linda20:11 PMAre you thinking of starting a completely new series anytime soon??
So in terms of books for the brothers: Yes I have a book planned for Matt, Jake, and one for the twins (they’re sharing because they share everything :’) )
I definitely want to do a series AFTER the Carters. I have a few ideas in mind but nothing has captured my imagination enough to distract me just yet!
Linda20:13 PMLooking forward to seeing what else you can think up.
Martha20:13 PMWhat kind’a things would you think RJ’d be good at? Genre wise? I recon she should do a Disney princess type book 😛
Me too 😛
Martha20:13 PMwith crayon type drawings and everything
do have a whole series mapped out for a Fantasy YA book, but I doubt Ill ever write it. No naughty scenes.
Linda20:14 PMPicture book 😜
But I’d nail the crayon drawings.
Martha20:14 PM(YA = Young Adult)
That sounds about my level lol.
Martha20:14 PMYou should see Daddy Sable’s crayon drawings…
Martha20:14 PMI’m not even kidding, they exist.
Martha20:14 PM=P
Linda20:14 PMThat’s what I was thinking… YA!!! What!
Daddy Sable is an actuall crayon master.
This is why I have a proof reader.
Martha20:15 PMWhy did you decide to make Ian’s amputation a AK one? Did you have any special reasons or was it just that you decided that he would get shot in the knee and the AK-amputation was just the result?
Martha20:15 PM(AK meaning above knee)
I saw a guy at the gym who looked a lot like the version of E in my head with an above knee amputation, and he was completely bad ass. That was the moment I decided. I did a little research into amputations and various prosthetics whilst watching Invictus games in 2014 and I was inspired. I’ve known since then what was going to happen to E .
Mummy Sable was NOT happy about the amputation.
She sent me a very angry text when she read it.
Claire20:17 PMI wasn’t happy about it either!!
Linda20:17 PMI would to see what you mum says about your naughty books 🙈
We have a rule… she’s not allowed to talk to me about the naughty bits.
Martha20:18 PMIf you want to ask mummy sable a question, I can relay to her and her answer lol
We had a very awkward conversation where she believed I had misused the word “ream”. It ended in red cheeks.
Linda20:18 PMHaha, and there’s a lot of them
Claire20:19 PMWhen is the next book out I’m missing the Carter’s 😂
RLM read the scene with E at the end of ABL and he sent me a page full of shocked emojis. I think he sometimes forgets I write the occasional steamy scene.
Well, I’ve written 2 chapters…
July 2017 is my best bet… 😛
Claire20:20 PMWhen I heard about the invictas games I th out about E, then had to remind myself I don’t really know him !!
Martha20:20 PMAwww
Martha20:21 PMHe’d be perfect for it!
Claire20:21 PMI know !!!
At 8:30 I will post a little teaser from A Deliberate Mistake, which will not be included in the transcript on the website.
Linda20:21 PMExciting!!
Martha20:23 PMSo when is the With You novella coming out?
This is a tricky one, because I want it to come out before Matt’s book, because something happens in it which is relevant for his story.
However, I don’t know exactly when. Hopefully before the end of the year 🙂
Martha20:24 PMHi Nick! welcome to the chat
Martha20:25 PMFeel free to ask Q’s when any pop into your head if want guys 😀
Yep, fire away whenever.I think I can take it 😛
Claire20:26 PMRJ WHO is your Favorite character?
Claire20:26 PMI think I know
Martha20:26 PMSurely that’d be like asking a mum who their favourite is 😛
Martha20:27 PMHey Charliek19 😀
Out of the Carter brothers… Craig is my favourite. Of all the characters, probably Jelly because she’s my first 😀
Charliek1920:27 PMHey 🙂
Claire20:28 PMI love Jelly because she reminds me of somebody I know 🙂
Martha20:28 PMIn a couple of minutes we’re going to be revealing a teaser for the next book! an exclusive 😀
RTWY was never meant to be published so character wise, she’s a lot like me when I was younger, which is a little frustrating in reflection because she gets a lot of criticism for being weak.
Charliek1920:28 PMNot sure if it has already been asked but can we hear more about Tamara and Xander please?
Martha20:29 PMOooh
I have been asked a couple of times for a novella for Xander and Tamara. They’re actually one of the ideas I have for a new series. I will at the very least be attempting a novella for them 🙂
Martha20:29 PMgood question 😀
Teaser from Matt’s book, ‘A Deliberate Mistake’ is coming up!
This is from the very first Chapter.
Martha20:32 PMI’ve always wondered RJ
Martha20:32 PMWhy did Olivia and E pick the name Logan?
Charliek1920:32 PMThat’s great RJ 🙂
Thank you 🙂
The name Logan is actually explained in one of the scenes I cut…
So, the first time the twins hold Logan, whilst he’s recovering in hospital.
He cuts one of the twins with his fingenail and Danny says “Your baby is a wolverine, E.”
Wolverine… Logan 😛
Charliek1920:34 PMAre the brothers going to treat Gracie the same way they did Jelly?
Claire20:35 PMThey better not !!!
I don’t think Elise would let them get away with it! But they’ve learnt their lesson now, I think they have had their perspectives shifted thanks to Jason.
Martha20:36 PMRight guys, we’re about to round things up , 5 more minutes if anyone has any more questions ?
Martha20:36 PMDon’t forget we’ll get all this posted up on the RJ site 🙂
Martha20:36 PM(www.RJSable.com)
At least you can spell it 😥
Claire20:37 PMThank you for your time RJ
Martha20:37 PMWhen is your PA getting a raise?
Lou20:37 PMI really need to read these books lol
It has been my pleasure 🙂
Charliek1920:37 PMThank you 🙂
Lou20:37 PMI’m a virgin ha ha
Martha20:37 PMWell, they’ll definitely be an interesting read for you then Lou 😛
Well drop an email toAssistant@RJSable.com and she will send you a free copy 🙂
Martha20:38 PMI will indeed!
You can pick from any of my bookshttp://www.amazon.co.uk/-/e/B00DRZIQ6U/but I recommend either Right There with You or An Imperfect Circle to start with 🙂
Charliek1920:39 PMThanks again guys
Charliek19 left
Oki lovelies. I have a 5AM start tomorrow so I’m going to hit the sack. Thank you once again for participating!
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