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Blurb: A Deliberate Mistake

“My instincts told me to run, to pass him off to somebody else, but everyone has a dark side, and mine wanted to play.”

Emma Black is an ordinary psychiatrist with extraordinary fantasies. As a rational woman, she knows these fantasies are best kept in her head. However, her latest client challenges her rationality in a very dangerous way.

Matthew Smith has a dark side that makes the far side of the moon look like a halogen lamp. He is fuelled by fury, hatred, and a lifetime of loathing. His entire past has been defined by the spite of women, and he wants revenge.

He has been watching Emma since their very first encounter all those years ago. She will be his demise; his wicked pleasure, and his road to absolution. Or so he thinks.

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ARCs: A Broken Lock

If you are a blogger/reviewer and would like the chance to receive an ARC of ‘A Broken Lock’ on May 1st 2016, please fill out this form.

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Preorder: A Broken Lock

The pre-order for A Broken Lock is now available at the following retailers. It will automatically be sent to your device on May 15th when pre-ordering. If the price changes between now and then, you will automatically be charged the lowest price (with Amazon).

Barnes & Noble:


Amazon UK:

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One word ended it all, leaving Olivia Lyons confused, hurt, and alone. E became the centre of her world in a very short time. She may not realise just how much he changed her future, but she is about to find out. Having sunk to the lowest point of her life, losing her man, her job, and her dignity, Olivia is about the be thrust back into his path.

Olivia is not the only one hurting. E is left broken and devastated by more than just the loss of his woman. The Carter family are not about to stand by and watch him fall apart, but they will need Olivia’s help.

Will she be willing to help him? He ruined her life. Will she risk it all again once she finds out she’s not the only one whose life is at risk?

Blurb: A Broken Lock

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