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Q&A Transcript

Martha19:59PM Hi everyone! 🙂
Hi Martha 🙂
Martha20:01PM Hi Linda!
Martha20:01PMHi Claire & Linda W !Thanks for coming guys 🙂
Martha20:02 PMWe have a lot of Lindas! 🙂
Welcome guys – thanks for coming. Tonight you have the opportunity to ask any all questions for myself or the Carters.

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Q&A with RJ

In line with the new release of ‘A Broken Lock’, RJ and the characters will be on hand at 8pm GMT (12.00 PST) on the 22nd May for a live web chat. Her wonderful assistant, Martha, will also be on hand to field the questions.

A transcript will be posted here after the fact, but if you aren’t able to attend and would like a question answered, feel free to email these in.

There will be give-aways and promotions available throughout the web chat.

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Carter Q&A

I’ve gathered the Carter boys here today to answer a few of the questions from my lovely readers. I’m going to be honest, they don’t listen to me. Even when I’m writing, they never follow the chapter plans. These boys do whatever the hell they like so I’m going to apologise in advance for their answers. I’ll pose the questions and they can decide amongst themselves who answers. Here goes nothing.

RJ: Morning, guys!
Craig: Morning, RJ.
*Matt grunts, the twins wink and Ian tilts his head in acknowledgement*
RJ: What’s wrong with you lot?
Ian: Just get on with it.
RJ: *mumbling under her breath* Yes, sir. Here come the questions.

  • Why be so strict on Jelly when all she wanted was your love? Remember she lost her mum as well?

Ian: I don’t really appreciate being questioned like this.
*He looks to RJ who valiantly stares at an interesting patch on the floor*
Ian: *sighs* She had our love, always will do. We all had strict upbringings but Jelly is all we have left of our Mum. Why would we not safe guard that with everything we had?
Karl: RJ, have you not told them about all the trouble she got into as a kid?
RJ *mumbles* Most of that wasn’t her fault.
Craig: We may have been a bit over the top. She knows we meant well.

  •  If Jason and Duff were never in the picture, what kind of guy would each of the brothers have picked for Jamie?

Matt: A eunuch.
Karl: She would have become a nun.
Danny: A woman.
Jake: You’d make her a lesbian? That’s fucked up.
Rick: Why? We have no problem getting women to do what we want. If Jelly had a girlfriend it would be much easier to manage.
Danny: Jason’s essentially a woman though. Have you seen how much shit he puts in his hair?

  • What would run through each of the boys minds (including Matt) if Jason was to propose to his squirrel?

Ian: Fucker already proposed. When he asked my permission there were a few choice locations.
Karl: To bury him.
Ian: That’s what I meant.
Matt: Should have fucking done it.
Jake: He’s making her happy though, I guess.
Craig: Reed seems alright.
Ian: He better be willing to take our surname. She’s a Carter, always will be.
Danny: But then he’d be a Carter too. We can’t have that.
Rick: Good point well made.
Ian: Double barrel it is. Jamie-Lea Carter Reed.
RJ: Um… Ian, you don’t think that’s a bit long.
Ian: Did anybody ask your opinion?
*RJ Promptly shuts up*
Karl: You gave him permission in the end though.
Ian: Jelly would have done the puppy dog eye thing otherwise.
*Banging at the door*
RJ: Who’s that?
The twins: Nobody.
*More banging*
RJ: Where’s Jamie?
Danny: She couldn’t make it.
*RJ narrows her eyes*
Jamie: Let me in!
RJ: You locked her out!
Danny: Would we do a thing like that?
*RJ sighs heavily and goes to unlock the door and let Jamie in*
Jamie: *sighs with relief* Thanks, RJ. You guys suck!
Ian: Careful, Jelly!
Jamie: *Narrows her eyes* And we are not getting a double barrelled surname!
RJ: *clears her throat to prevent an argument* Time for the next question. This one is for you, Jamie.

  •  Who does Jamie Lea plan to teach with her English degree?

Jamie: I’m teaching primary school students in my new job. They’re wonderful – I have the best job in the world. Thirty screaming children is nothing after eighteen years of seven brothers.
RJ: I’ll bet. Let’s move swiftly on before they demonstrate that fact *glances across at the angry looking men*

  •  What are The Twin’s idea of the perfect girl?

Karl: Breathing.
Matt: One with tits.
Danny: Shut up this is our question.
Rick: We figured this out when we were twelve.
Danny: We don’t need one perfect girl, but two.
Rick: *nods* Identical twins.
Jake: Not this again *rolling his eyes*
Craig: Do you know what the odds of finding another set of identical twins is? Or the odds that both of you will like both of them?
Danny: It’s us, of course they’ll like us.
Jake: What if you both like the same one, or they both like only one of you two?
Rick: Then I’ll get them both *shrugs*
Danny: What the fuck dude. Caring is sharing!
Rick: The best twin won, bro. *Rick punches his twin*
*Danny retaliates with a headbutt*

Oh dear, I do apologise readers. Things are slowly descending into chaos here; it looks like the twins are about to kill each other. Thanks very much to everyone who sent in a question. If you have any more, drop a comment below and I’ll see if anybody is in one piece and able to answer!


Questions, questions, questions

I’ll be running a Q&A session with the Carters in the coming week. If you have any questions you’d like to ask any of the Carter boys, or indeed Jamie, comment below, message me on facebook, or email me and I’ll pass your question to the Carters.

Just let me know which member of the family you’d like to answer your question. I may have to sensory my guys if they reveal any spoilers but otherwise, they’ll answer as best they can.

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Interview with Jason

Jason dropped by yesterday to have a chat with them. The original interview can be found here. I want to say a big thank you to Emily for giving me the opportunity to do this. It was truly great fun getting into Jason’s head a bit more than normal.

Hello Jason, Thank You for sitting down to chat with me.

No worries, I’m glad to be here.

So, let’s talk about you pre-Jamie. What were you like with women? You seemed to have quite the reputation.

I don’t think there was a me before Jamie. I wasn’t the same, let’s leave it at that. It’s not something I care to revisit.

When you realized Jamie wasn’t as experienced as yourself, what were your thoughts? Did you feel a sense of ownership towards her?

My thoughts? I don’t think I had any. My brain shut down for a few seconds. I don’t think I’ve ever been happier.

I wouldn’t call it ownership. She’s mine, always will be, but its Jamie that owns me. I’ll admit that it did make me damn sure that nobody else was ever having her.

The incident where you found out what Jamie’s brothers were like towards her, you bailed without even a word. If you could go back what would you do differently?

(Jason grimaces) I would have stayed and kissed away every single bit of her pain.

I have to say Jason, you really know how to get a girl to come out of her shell. Do you find “Homework” for Jamie to do often? Care to share one?

I’m glad you approve. Jamie’s “homework” was about getting comfortable with herself. Our recent ventures are more about exploring outside of the comfort zone. I’m sure you’ll hear about it soon enough.

When you saw Jamie with Duff at the bar, why was your instant reaction to think she wanted anyone else?

(Jason clenches his teeth) We were pretty new at the time and only just started really getting to know each other. She came across as really sweet and innocent but the thought had crossed my mind that she was too good to be true. She wouldn’t have been the first woman in my life to fuck me over.

Since you never did relationships before, why were you willing to just take a beating from her brother?

I can take a beating. I’d do that for anybody I cared about, but with anybody else I would have made damn sure the other guy came out worse off.

The fights that you had with Craig in the past, were they official MMA fights or underground?

They were official. I doubt Craig’s ever been involved with that shit.

When you found Jamie after the Duff incident, what were you feeling?

Like I could rip that fucker’s head off with my bare hands. Still might. Most of all though, I knew I’d let her down; I should have been there.

Why didn’t you tell her brothers since she didn’t want to report him?

My number one priority was, and will always be, Jamie. She needed me and I wasn’t about to let her go through that on her own. If she didn’t want to tell them, then that was her decision. After the shit they put her through, they lost the right to be there for her. That’s my job now

What are your hopes for your future with Jamie?

My plans have never extended further than getting my doctorate and getting a kick ass job. Now that my future involves Jamie, and I’m certain it does, I don’t care what the future holds as long as it’s with her.

Sudden Death

Craziest thing a woman has ever requested during sex?

I’m not too keen on thinking about women before Jamie, she doesn’t need to know and I don’t want to be reminded. That leaves me with picking something Jamie has done, and everything that girl does drives my crazy.

Ass man or Tit man?

When it comes to Jamie, there’s no way to choose.

Favorite junk food?

Does chocolate count? I’d spill my soul to that girl just to watch her lick chocolate off her lips.

Liquor or beer?


Favorite quote?

“Life comes from physical survival, but the good life comes from what we care about “– Rollo May

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