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15 thoughts on “Mailing List

  1. leanne says:

    I don’t want this book i neeeeeed this book now lol, not sure i can wait till December i’m having withdrawal symptoms already

  2. Zoey says:

    Loved Reading Your Book’s :), I Can’t Wait For The Next One I Have Jamie And Jason On My Mind Lol Xx

  3. Care says:

    I cant believe the emotions with these books! It has been amazing. One minute its heart breaking and overwhelmingly sad and the next its unbelievably loving. Jason is incredible. I wish I had a Jason!! And the brothers? I hate them and love them at the same time. I can’t wait either!

  4. margie acevedo says:

    I’m super excited for the third book….can hardly wait!!!

  5. Taylor c says:

    When is the next book coming out

    • rjsable says:

      ‘A Natural Act’ isn’t quite finished yet for it’s hard for me to give an exact date. I was initially aiming for July but it’s more likely to be August as it stands now. I’ll so my best to get it to you ASAP 🙂

  6. Taylor c says:

    Is there a release date for the new book yet?

    • rjsable says:

      Hi Taylor,
      I’m shooting for mid-September. It’s a little later than I first anticipated because of unforeseen personal happenings but I’ll do my best to get it out for September 15th.

  7. Anna says:

    Hey, just wondering when the next is being released? I’m desperate to read the next ‘Contradictions’ instalment!

    • rjsable says:

      Hi Anna,

      I’m shooting for July 2015 at the latest but I’m really enjoying writing this one. If I didn’t have a full time job it would be ready in two weeks! I think it will be worth the wait. 🙂


  8. Taylor c says:

    Hi when does your next book come out

    • rjsable says:

      Hi Taylor,

      We are expecting our first child shortly, so I am on a short hiatus from writing at the moment. I will update as soon as I am able to with new book dates 🙂


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