If you have any more questions feel free to get in touch and they’ll be added on here.

Q: Is R.J. Sable your real name?

A: Nope, although it is very similar to my real name and carries an important meaning for me.

Q: How many books are in the ‘With You’ Series?

A: It’s a trilogy so there are three in total.

Q: Are you planning any more books after ‘With You’?

A: I have a few planned in which there will be a few familiar names.

Q: Why do Jamie’s brothers treat her that way? Why does she put up with it?

A: I hope these questions are answered in the books. I will say that their relationships are very complicated and I can empathise with their struggles. I do not, however, condone the way in which the brothers treat Jamie.

Q: Who is RLM?

A: RLM is my Real Life Man and future hubby. Sean is his crocheted pet sheep, courtesy of moi.

Q: Are you writing a book for each Carter brother?

A: Yes, except I think the twins might share. I’m not certain exactly what order the books will be in yet.

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