One word ended it all, leaving Olivia Lyons confused, hurt, and alone. E became the centre of her world in a very short time. She may not realise just how much he changed her future, but she is about to find out. Having sunk to the lowest point of her life, losing her man, her job, and her dignity, Olivia is about the be thrust back into his path.

Olivia is not the only one hurting. E is left broken and devastated by more than just the loss of his woman. The Carter family are not about to stand by and watch him fall apart, but they will need Olivia’s help.

Will she be willing to help him? He ruined her life. Will she risk it all again once she finds out she’s not the only one whose life is at risk?

Blurb: A Broken Lock

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Release Date: A Broken Lock

The official release date for ‘A Broken Lock’, the conclusion to E and Olivia’s story, will be May 15th, with ARCs being sent out on the 2nd May.

I’d like to thank you all for your patience and support in the last 8 months. Each and every one of you reading this have been a source of strength and motivation for me to get this book finished despite it all.

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Why I love My Characters

It’s been far too long since I posted on here. I know the website needs a little updating, but at the moment ‘A Broken Lock’ is my priority.

If you read my recent  Facebook post, you’ll know that RLM and I have a lot going on at the minute. This is a particularly challenging time for us. I’ll be honest and admit that the delay in this book was because I just wasn’t coping very well, and my head was not in a good place to write.

So, what changed?

I wrote. It sounds so strange, but writing was the cure to not writing. I was reunited with my boys. My Carters. They feel so real to me that I feel a little schizophrenic admitting this.

Sometimes, I start a chapter because there is one small event, or one sentence which needs to be there for the plot to make sense. I have no idea how the chapter will go, or what the characters will do. It feels as though a movie is playing out in front of me as I write, and I’m just documenting it on paper.

I love the stupid things the twins do and say. I love the way Karl becomes a different person when he interacts with Elise. I love Craig’s silent but loving persona. I love that Jake is constantly getting in his own way trying to prove that he matches up. I love that E doesn’t take shit from anybody but dishes a fair amount out.

Growing up, I always wanted big brothers. No offence to my little brother. He tried, even growing to a shocking 6 feet, but he’s a pacifist vegetarian. Not exactly Carter material.

My guys almost feel like family, except that I have to write scenes where they do rude things (sorry mum!). It’s weird I know, but the Carters like you all to know just how talented they are in that department. Who doesn’t like a bit of that in a romance?

The more books I publish, the harder it is to write dedications. I would like to dedicate one of my books to my characters, but seeing as they are of my creation, that feels a little egotistical so this post will have to do.

Thank you Carter males (and female) for helping keep me sane by making me a little insane.







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Free eBook

If you have received a code for a free eBook recently and are having problems with the QR-code you can click this link to take you to the site from which you can obtain a copy of the eBook.