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Olivia’s relationship with Stanley is comfortable but is comfortable really enough? Tormented by the condom which has resided in her purse for a decade, Olivia Lyons wants more. When her childhood friend needs help, Olivia takes the leap back into singledom by moving to London to support her.

Olivia is looking to explore herself, to find the excitement and passion. What she isn’t looking for is E, the man who makes her lose her morals, boundaries, and her underwear.

E is mysterious, secretive, and very, very bad for Olivia’s mental health. For her mission of sexual exploration, however, he is the definition of masculine perfection. Even if she wants to punch him in the face.

E doesn’t open up for anyone, he knows what he wants and he takes it, binds it, and spanks it. Their relationship is defined by rules which lean in his favour, and that’s fine at first because he can teach her so much, but how long can a girl like Olivia tolerate a man like E before things become inevitably complicated and she gets hurt?

Blurb: ‘An Open Lock’

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An Open Lock: Teaser

Here’s a tiny teaser as promised on Facebook. This one is rated 18+ as it is a little raunchy. This is quite telling of things to come in Ian’s book. Continue reading

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Teaser: ‘An Open Lock’

So Ian’s first book will be called ‘An Open Lock’ and is told from Olivia’s perspective. Here is a teaser for you guys:

“Now about that kiss,” he reminds me.

“No,” I whisper as he comes close. It’s not exactly convincing but, as I mentioned, his proximity does something to me.

“I don’t like that word,” he whispers back, taking my hands in his.

I stand lamely as he positions my hands behind my back and pins them both there in one of his much larger hands. I whimper slightly but the effect is lost behind the excited heave of my chest. His spare hand trails up my spine and grasps at the nape of my neck, tilting my head back to meet my mouth with his.

When he’s kissing me, my mind goes blank and gives itself to the raw carnal pleasure. His touch is like fire, heating me up in all the places I wish would ignore him. My body softens against him, the last of my resistance slipping away because his kiss is so perfect. It’s tender but aggressive, soft but firm. It’s everything a kiss should be.

“Good night, Olivia,” he rasps, pulling away.

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