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A Carter Christmas Treat: Part 1

christmas carter

“Jelly. What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” Danny rounded on me, his familiar blue eyes glaring in my direction like he might just murder me.

“Eating,” I answered nonchalantly, chuckling inwardly at the way my life had changed.

This was all Jason’s fault of course. We had a new game which we liked to play which was all about challenging each other. Every day we set each other a challenge to complete. It could be something simple, something hard, something sexy or – in this case – something devilish.

There was no punishment for not doing the challenge because our relationship didn’t work that way. Jason might teasingly spank me if I didn’t do it but, even if I completed a task, he’d find an excuse to spank me.

Tasks were Jason’s way of making sure I stayed out of my shell now I’d left it and my way of making sure he opened up to me. They were mutually beneficial.

“You’re doing this on purpose,” Rick joined his twin in a united front against me, each of them gripping onto the kitchen island with enough pressure to snap the poor countertop.

“Doing what?” I replied innocently, nibbling the edge of my chocolate chip cookie.

“Torturing us,” Danny growled. They began to approach me, one from each side, with matching threatening glares.

The threat was empty; I hadn’t done anything wrong, they couldn’t touch me.

“I made enough cookies so that everybody could have two,” I reminded them, looking intently at my cookie because I’d probably lose my nerve if I looked at either of them.

I wasn’t exactly scared but Jason had pointed out that I give them my food even now I know they won’t take it. They’re not entitled to it and he wanted me to stop giving in to them.

I could see my sexy hulk of a boyfriend leant up against the door frame watching me with a glimmer of amusement in his eye. His loose blond curls were as unkempt as ever and I licked my lips and a coincidental stray cookie crumb as I watched him.

“Jelly, this isn’t fucking funny!” Rick tugged on my ponytail to draw my attention back to their suffering.

“Don’t get grumpy with me because you both wolfed down your cookies as soon as they were out of the oven,” I told them with a serious frown.

I would normally have just handed over the cookies by now to save myself from the whining and nagging. Instead, I slowly ate the first of my two cookies, crumb for crumb.

“If you two don’t back off, I’m not baking anything else for you until next year!” I threatened before taking another meaningful bite.

“Jelly!” Rick gasped in shock, as though I was threatening to drown a puppy, not stop baking for three weeks.

Danny tugged his twin back a few steps in horror. “I don’t think she’s bluffing.”

“She’s been eating that one cookie for over five minutes,” Rick whined checking through the cupboards in the kitchen to try and satisfy his cookie cravings. “It’s like she doesn’t even want it.”

“I’m savouring it!” I told him seriously because I was. It was delicious, why would I inhale it? “Would you like some, Jason?”

Okay, now I was just being mean.

“Nah, I’m enjoying watching you eat them,” he grinned his million dollar smile. “There’s chocolate on your lip,” he added, strolling over to the island.

“Did I get it?” I asked having licked my lips.

He shook his head with that dark heat dancing in his eyes. I knew exactly what that look meant and I steeled myself because he was going to lick that chocolate right off my lip no matter what I said. The twins weren’t going to like it.

I’d stopped caring about that though because Jason began tangling his fingers in my long, curly locks. Tilting my head back, he angled my jaw so that his warm tongue could like the bead of melted chocolate off my lower lip.

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